What is MacPIC?

MacPIC is a program I created a few years ago for assembling PIC code, simulating its affects for debugging, and writing the chips with a choice of programming hardware. It has gone through a number of revisions, but the latest version can be downloaded from the links on this page.

What is the current status of MacPIC?

MacPIC is end-of-lifed. Changes to the Mac operating system development environment (when moving from 8.x to 9.x) broke the editor part of the MacPIC code, and I have been somewhat unsuccessfull in creating a work-around that I thought was worthy of releasing, so I gave up on it for a year or so. This means that no more updates will be done to the code. After I upgraded to OS X, I looked at the capabilities (especially the editor and plug-in capabilities) of the new development environment, and got enthused about writing a replacement. A new program is being worked on, one that is written using Cocoa, so will be Mac OS X only. This new code will hopefully gain all the important features of the MacPIC program, and so will be the logical upgrade path for all MacPIC users.

How do I get the old MacPIC?

I am going to continue to provide the last released versions of the MacPIC code from this site, at least for a while. Hopefully everyone will migrate to the new program when they can, but being Mac OS X only, that may be a while. Therefore the following links should get you the self-extracting file for the version you need. Select the PowerPC or 68K version, depending on the Macintosh you intend to run it on.

MacPIC - 68K Version
MacPIC - Power PC Version